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People are hungry for hope and right now is the time to usher people into God, He is hope. He is the answer.

Hulvey, a twenty-three year old Brunswick, GA native, went from dropping out of college, scrubbing toilets at Publix, to becoming Reach Records latest breakout hip hop artist. His label debut EP, BRKNHRT dropped in 2020 and immediately garnered him national praise.  Pandora named him “Christian Artist to Watch in 2020”, his tracks ‘Higher’ and ‘Real Love’ from Hulvey Vol. 1 and Hulvey Vol. 2 were featured on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta in 2020 and ‘Cold Blooded’ was featured on ABC’s hit show ‘The Rookie’. Shortly after BRKNHRT released, the world shut down, entering into a global pandemic.  Having to put the hopes of touring and performing on hold, Hulvey, like the rest of the world, found himself in his bedroom, secluded from his friends and family, where he was forced to face his insecurities and fears and surrender them to God. It was then, his forthcoming debut album, set to release in 2021, was born. 

“I started breaking free of all my anxiousness, so many anxious thoughts and worries that I have struggled with for years, and so I wrote about it,” shares Hulvey. “As dark as 2020 was for people, for me personally, I found beauty and peace within it.”

Pushing musical influences aside, the new music pouring out of Hulvey lyrically and sonically, reveals his true authentic self; embracing his hip-hop background, to pop and even soul. The infectious sounds and styles show Hulvey as a chameleon, one that can master any genre with excellence and flow seamlessly throughout. 

Fears about losing his grandfather, life after death and thoughts of eternity, are reflected in the lyrics for what will be Hulvey’s second single “Reasons” found on the upcoming project. A song about hope stemming from loss, Hulvey says is “to remind people that even though we have lost so many things: friends, families, jobs, homes, even our minds,  peace and hope is still here. God is still completely and willing to wrap you up anytime.  He has paved a way for us to be free.” 

The powerful track features labelmate and Grammy award-winning rapper Lecrae and the melodic vocals of pop music artist Svrinca. 

The guest features don’t stop there, Andy Mineo, another Reach Records critically-acclaimed artist, makes a special appearance on “We Against the World”. Sonically, the song encapsulates a more pop Top 40 sound, one listeners may not realize it’s a Hulvey track, but when you break down the lyrics, you see the young artist isn’t straying away from the message of Christ. 

“I wrote my verses about my relationship with God, life is better with Him, says Hulvey. “Then when Andy wrote his verse, he came from a place writing about friendships, then when we saw the lyrics together, it hit me, we  just can’t do life alone: without God or people. Yes, with people the road may be a bit more bumpy, but it’s more fun when you do it with those you love.”

The versatile artist has grown a great deal since the world was introduced to him last year, but within that time he has grown personally and spiritually. He has a lot to say and wants to share it.  “I have a passion:  I wanted people to experience God. People are hungry for hope and right now is the time to usher people into God, He is hope. He is the answer.”

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